For Lattanzi Construction, Inc., building homes is more than mere construction, it is about carefully planning the building process from the very beginning until every fine detail is perfected and the client is extremely happy. We go above and beyond our clients' expectations. We hold customer service in high regards just as we do with our building standards and our clients are our top priority.

For 20 years, Lattanzi has been one of the most sought after craftsman and luxury home builders in the business due to its high level of quality, experience and dedication our team brings to each project. Lattanzi partners with only the best in the industry and nurtures each project with high priority and regard. We take pride in our craftsmanship and the lasting relationships we have developed with our clientele over the past 20 years.



What is Green Building? It is a process in which a home is, from design to construction, built to conserve energy and to reduce a home's ecological footprint. Lattanzi Construction, Inc., believes in building green homes and continues to find new ways to conserve energy to match the environmentally conscious and meet the needs of our clients.


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